When your home or business is vandalized, you are usually covered by your insurance policy. Coverage includes the vandalism itself and any damage caused from the act itself. If a vandal throws a brick threw a plate glass windows at your business and breaks a neon sign, cash register, glass display case and products, you are covered for all the damages, not just the windows. We can help you file a new claim or supplemental claim on missed damage.


Theft claims are very detailed and specific. We can help you file a theft claim and make sure that everything is properly documented to ensure prompt settlement. Most home or business owners are unaware that not only is the items stolen covered, but the damages cause by the theft are also covered. This includes broken windows, damaged doors and frames, plate glass windows, safes, walls and we can possibly get you compensation for loss time from work or lost productivity and sales if your business is not operational.

Business owners are most often hurt by downtime that is caused by theft of computer equipment and phone systems. We can help you get full compensation for everything that you had coverage on.

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