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Over 3 years ago, Hurricane Wilma damaged the roof of a residence located near Southwest 40th Street and 157 Ave in Miami-Dade county. Their insurance company agreed to provide coverage for the damaged roof tiles, a blown down wood fence, and several screen doors blown off the back of the house. Unfortunately, the amount of damages estimated by the insurance company adjuster was below the homeowner’s deductible. In late 2007, Intellaclaim Public Adjusters was retained to assist getting proper settlement for this claim. Engineering firms hired by the insurance company stated the roof was past it’s life expectancy and showed no signs of wind damage. Their reports went on to say that “all broken tiles were a result of foot traffic caused by people pressure washing it”. Due to this contradiction from the insurance company’s initial report where they stated “Roof Damage caused by Hurricane”. Intellaclaim brought in their own team of Engineers and Certified Roofing Contractors to inspect the same roof. The results were the complete opposite of those sent by the insurance company. Thermal imaging was used to show hidden roof leaks throughout the entire roof supporting our argument that the damages were far greater than what the insurance company had thought.  It was without any doubt that the roof damages were caused by high winds from a Hurricane. The claim was settled in appraisal last month for almost 8 times more than what the insurance company had originally offered.


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