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What Our Customers Say?

  • William F. Merlin Jr. Esq. – Managing Partner Tampa, Florida – Merlin Law Group
    It is critical for policy owners to hire their own experts...
    Because most people agree they are not experts at determining how much their insurance claims are worth, they often leave benefits unclaimed because they do not understand what their policy entitles them to receive. It is critical for policy owners to hire their own experts to evaluate the damage and protect them from the insurance company’s experts that often minimize damage. Our experience at Merlin Law Group finds that the fee charged by public adjusters is usually far less than the increased benefit obtained for the policy holder. Public adjusters are true advocates working in the best interests of their policy holder clients.  
  • Ralph and Amy Laureano – Miami, FL
    It was a pleasure working with your team...
    We had previously filed a claim with our insurance company after Hurricane Wilma for what seemed to be minor damages compared to others. Our insurance company estimated our damages and said it didn’t exceed our deductible, approx 18 months after we noticed water stains in the interior. We called Intellaclaim and asked them what our rights were and could they help? Little did we know how hard our insurance company would fight against paying for our damages. We went through all the phases necessary mediation, appraisal, umpires, attorneys etc…They were very helpful and the team they have is very knowledgeable of the laws and what we needed to do to get our damages repaired. It was a very long haul and we almost gave up several times but knowing that is what the insurance company was hoping for, we continued our fight.
    Just like everyone else we were always worried about getting dropped and unable to find insurance for our property, many friends and family said we shouldn’t take a chance. Well we did and it was very worth it in the end.
    Thank you Intellaclaim for all your hard work, we now have a brand new tile roof and interior walls completely replaced!!! It was a pleasure working with your team and would definitely recommend you to anyone else in this situation.