Intellaclaim, one of Miami’s leading public adjusting firms, recently settled a water damage claim for more than $189,000 for damages that were initially undervalued by the insurance company. These Pinecrest residents endured a sewer backup in their laundry room that wet the baseboards and affected some interior areas of their home. The insurance company was reluctant to issue a check for minimal damages, so Intellaclaim facilitated an in-depth plumbing inspection to assess the root of the problem. The plumber’s color video and pictures showed two large holes in the cast iron drain line and extensive cracking. The insurance company reviewed the report and sent over their own plumbers. A company called “My Plumbing Company”, found no cracks or holes to the sewer lines. Donald Dunn, the owner of this plumbing company, openly admits working for insurance companies is the majority of his business. The insurance company, in an effort to be fair and act in good faith, decided to send the plumber again. This time, in the process of running their cameras for a follow-up inspection, accidentally flooded the master bathroom and worsened the situation. The master bath flooded due to debris getting stuck where our plumber indicated the holes were located, and caused a clog in the line. All of the sudden, My Plumbing Company’s report changed, and coverage was opened for this claim. Intellaclaim was able to prove additional damages affecting the floor tile in the continuous area of the kitchen, Florida room, office, foyer, hallway, and dining room. We received proper settlement for all damages, and $26k for Additional Living Expenses for the insureds to move out during the repair process and live in a comparable home less than a mile away. The home was fully restored and the family was able to get back to a normal life without any more plumbing problems. Best of all, it didn’t cost them a penny out of pocket, when everything was done.

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