Denied Insurance Claim

Why was my claim denied?

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    If your homeowner’s insurance claim settlement has been denied, don’t worry – you may still be eligible to receive compensation from your insurance company. Insurance companies may issue denials for a number of reasons. For example a experienced public adjuster can go through all of the information of a claim denial in detail to ensure that you receive a fair claim. In many cases, home or business owners hire an expert public adjuster before the claim process begins to reduce their chances of a denial. If you have already received a denial. Intellaclaim can complete a thorough investigation into your claim. We will present our findings to your insurance company with arguments for why your claim denial should be reversed.

    Your Right To Appeal A Claim

    All property owners have the right to appeal a denied insurance claim. Having a certified public adjuster can help you through the process. Our team with over 25 years of experienced professional adjusters will ensure that every possibility is evaluated. Insurance companies make the claim process complicated for a reason. We know it can be difficult to navigate through all of the required steps, documentation, and negotiation. Remember you are not alone. We are here to help you.

    Common Reasons Your Claim Can Be Denied

    Claim denials can be overwhelming and frustrating. But don’t fret with our expert help, you can feel confident that you are taking the appropriate next steps in ensuring that you will be fairly compensated. Some common reasons for claim denials include:

    • Lack of documentation.

    • The loss happened outside of the policy coverage period.

    • An obligation or condition of coverage was not satisfactory.

    • You are not covered for the loss. (According to their interpretation)

    In order to efficiently fight a denial, it is important that you always keep complete and accurate records to reference for your loss. Keep every receipt, letter, and email you exchange with your insurance company. Just like the insurance company, as a home or business owner, you are entitled to utilize the services of a professional public adjuster who will look out for your best interests.